The old vintages workshop

Unique wines, resulting from an exceptional context!

The opportunity to taste 30 years old (or even more) wines, with the explanations of the Jouffreau family.

Come and enjoy our knowledge of the old vintages! Learn and exchange around the tasting of these unique wines.
This workshop is offered only by reservation, on Saturday, for a group of maximum 8 people.

We propose you the visit of the property, the tasting of three recent vintages of the Clos de Gamot and three vintages of more than 20 years old (that you can choose on a given list).

This workshop lasts 2 hours. The package cost 150 € for 8 people maximum.

To taste older vintages, please contact us.




List of the cintages:

  • Clos de Gamot 1992
  • Clos de Gamot 1990
  • Clos de Gamot 1989
  • Clos de Gamot 1988
  • Clos de Gamot 1985
  • Clos de Gamot 1978
  • Clos de Gamot 1975
  • ...