Les Saisons du Lot

The trilogy : Spring, Summer and Autumn in Le Lot

This range of wines has been elaborated to rhythm your tastings and your moments of conviviality with the seasons of the Lot.
The Lot is a beautiful region that unveils all its secrets through the seasons.
It passes from a seductive side with Le Printemps, to the regeneration of nature in Eté, where the warmth and freshness of the valley blend. Then it becomes more secret and more complex with the foliage variations of Automne.

This is what we wanted to share with this range of Lot wines, which follows wonderfully the treasures of the Lot seasons.

Le Printemps (Spring)

Le Printemps is a semi-dry white wine from Sauvignon, Sauvignon gray and Chardonnay. It has floral notes, pear and vine peach.

L'été (Summer)

To spend the summer and all its friendly moments, here is our Malbec dry rosé. It results from bleeding and direct pressing, which brings out red fruits, raspberry, strawberries, grenadine and citrus fruits notes.

L'automne (Autumn)

To illustrate Autumn, you can share a red wine made from Malbec, Merlot and Cabernet.
You’ll find notes of black fruits and pepper. The tannins in the mouth are supple and smooth. It perfectly accompanies the first autumn meals.

Les Saisons du Lot